After Breakup

A lovely quote after breakup!!
I miss your smile alot, But I miss my own smile more!

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Near Ones

'Near ones are not dear '. 'Dear ones are not near '.
Itz easy to remember the near ones, but very difficult to forget the dear ones.

Khushboo tere pyar ki

Khushboo tere pyar ki mujhe mehka jati hai,
Teri har baat mujhe behka jati hai,
Saans to bohat der leti hai aane me
Har saans se phle teri yaad aa jati hai.

Jab Gulab Kahin Pe

Jab Gulab Kahin Pe Khilta Hai,
Jab Mausam Rang Badalta Hai,
Jab Badal Khoob Barasta Hai,
Jab Hawa Se Khushbu Aati Hai,
Jab Chandni Bhi Sharmati Hai,
Tab Yaad Tumhari Aati Hai.. !!

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