Close or Far

Its not now close or far we are today,
but wat mater is how much we value each other
in our heartĄ
for me u r a heavens gift,
a spl som1 I wud
surely keep.

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Types of Friends

Some friends r worth 2b thrown,
Some r good 2 keep,
Some r 2b Treasured 4 ever,
and I think u r one 2 b ThrownĄ­
in the Treasure Box 2 b kept 4 ever.

I am not a clock

I am not a clock that can SMS u 24hrs a day,
but my heart will be like a clock that will nonstop care,
Love n pray 4 a spl frend like u.

Friends in Heart

Frnds in heart r d worst tenants.
They capture the heart, pay no rent,
Don't vacate & if at all they leave,
They just break down d room they lived.

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