Think About Yourself

Think About Yourself

Close ur eyes...
think abt ur self
ur face,
ur style,
ur nature,
ur looks,
now open ur eyes..
u hv just spent half a minute watching a
horror movie!!!!!!!!!!!!

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For smart and cute readers

This message is strictly for smart and cute readers,
Since u have received it,
It is Obviously a Technical Error...
Sender Deeply Apologizes....

Good Looks

Someday u may lose ur hair..
u may lose ur teeth,
ur money & even ur mind.
But there is 1 thing u will never lose...
n that is ur Good Looks!
u cant lose what u never had!

Dekha tujhe to

Dekha tujhe to rooh khush ho gayi,
Ek kami thi vo bhi puri ho gayi,
Pagal hain vo log jo kehte hain ki,
Chimpanzi ki aakhri nasal kahin kho gayi!!

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