You are miles away

You are miles away

U r miles away from me. still im watching ur every movements by 3 different channels....
1) Discovery
2) National Geographic
3) Animal Planet

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Think About Yourself

Close ur eyes...
think abt ur self
ur face,
ur style,
ur nature,
ur looks,
now open ur eyes..
u hv just spent half a minute watching a
horror movie!!!!!!!!!!!!

For smart and cute readers

This message is strictly for smart and cute readers,
Since u have received it,
It is Obviously a Technical Error...
Sender Deeply Apologizes....

Good Looks

Someday u may lose ur hair..
u may lose ur teeth,
ur money & even ur mind.
But there is 1 thing u will never lose...
n that is ur Good Looks!
u cant lose what u never had!

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