Use of Thumb

Use of Thumb

A child uses its thumb 2 chew,
An illiterate uses his thumb 2 sign,
A winner uses his thumb 2 show victory,
but a monkey is using his thumb 2 read this sms.

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Flowers and Butterfly

Flowers + Butterfly = A beautiful scene.
Stars + Moon = A romantic night.
Rain + Monsoon = A lovely weather.
U + Ur Smile = Bhaago Bhoot aaya.

SMS Me Immediately

Where r u?
U r u not replying?
I m worried abt u coz todays paper I read that due 2 thunder a monkey has been severely injured.
So if u r safe, SMS me immediately.

I love the Most

If someone asks me whom do I love the Most?
I would sit next to you, put my arms around you and say proudly...
I Love Animals.
Specially This Monkey.

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