Pokemon Pick Up Lines - 4

Pokemon Pick Up Lines - 4

1. You're such a good catch, i think i'll use my only MASTER BALL on you.

2. Let's make like a Super Rod and hook up.

3. I'm going to Hoppip into your pants.

4. My Shellder wants to clamp onto your Slowpoke's tail!

5. Squirtle isn't the ONLY one that can use water gun. - wink -

6. STD's are like Pokemon baby, gotta catch 'em all! Wanna help me out?

7. Do you like Pokeballs because you're about to get really close to one of mine.

8. I wish I was a Seaking, so I could HORN DRILL you.

9. Let's make RegiLove!

10. Want to Link your cable onto me?

11. I'd like to Leech my Seeds into you.

12. You put the "Wiggle" in Wigglytuff.

13. Aipom's pretty good with his hands, and so am I.

14. I wanna see your Squirtle squirt.

15. If I was a Pokemon right now, I'd be an Erectabuzz

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Pokemon Pick Up Lines - 3

1. Want my Caterpie to use String Shot on you?

2. I'd like to get in your rock tunnel.

3. What's your favorite move? Mine is LICK.

4. You'll be WEEZING after I'm done with you.

5. You've got the lips of a Jynx!

6. Can I get into YOUR Secret Base?

7. You make my Darkrai rise.

8. You remind me of Deoxys, you're out of this world.

9. Those are some nice HOOTHOOTS you got there.

10. I just want to stick it in your wooper.

11. The name's cock..i mean brock..wait, i said that right.

12. My Kadabra just used Future Sight, and it looks like we've got a future together.

13. How would you like to see my viridian forest, well it's not really viridian.

14. How about you come and see my safari zone.

15. Want to ride my emPOLEon?

Pokemon Pick Up Lines - 2

1. I think I need a Paralyze Heal, because you're stunning.

2. My Pokeballs are SWIFT in your mouth.

3. Are you a RARE CANDY? 'cuz I feel a level-up.

4. If you were a Pokemon, I'D CHOOSE YOU!

5. Do you wanna LICKILICKY my icky sticky.

6. My Donphan won't ROLLOUT for you much longer.

7. Do you wanna see what's in my ball bag?

8. Do you wanna see my POLI-WAG?

9. Like an Umbreon, I also evolve at night.

10. Can I fertilize you with my sunkern?

11. How would you like me to use my Onix to BIND you to my bed?

12. My Gyarados is BIG enough for you to ride it ALL day and night.

13. Hey baby, wanna SPOINK?

14. Your more beautiful than a Beautifly.

15. Let's have a Togepi of our own!

Pokemon Pick Up Lines - 1

1. Are you a pikachu? Because you are shockingly beautiful.

2. Do you wanna battle? 'Cuz my balls are at the ready!

3. My love for you burns like a Charizard's tail.

4. If I were a Nidoking, you would be my Nidoqueen.

5. If I were a Milktank, I'd use ATTRACT on you.

6. Want to register your number in my PokeNav?

7. Is that a Sudowoodo in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

8. I'd like to ride you like a HORSEA.

9. When I look at you, my Metapod can't get any harder.

10. You remind me of Pokemon, I just want to Pikachu.

11. Do you wanna play my Poke Flute?

12. When I'm around you, I am like a Geodude, as hard as a rock!

13. I've got Masterballs baby.

14. Do you wanna play with my Poke Balls?

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