Put A Mousetrap On Top Of Your Alarm Clock.
It Will Prevent You From Going Back to Sleep.

For High Blood Pressure:
Simply Cut Yourself And Let It Bleed.

Have A Cough?
Take A Large Dose Of Laxative (Drug 4 Loose Motions) Then You Will Be Afraid To Cough.=PXD

Note: Follow This Special Prescription At Your Own Risk!

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Silly Quotes

Silly Quotes

~Mangni- Warrant Giraftari
~Doctor- Jeb-Katra
~Office- Pati ki Panah-gah
~Tajurba- Insan ki Ghaltiyon or Himaqaton ka Khubsurat Naam
~Parosi- Woh log jo aap ke Za'ati Mamlaat Aap se Ziada Jante Hain.:-)

Girl and Gas Cylinder

Its easier to pick up a girl of weight 45 kg
But its quiet difficult to pick up a gas cylinder of weight 14.2 kg
Strange but true...:-p


Lecture - The art of transferring a conscious person to a subconscious state.

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