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1. Money is not Everything: There are credit Cards too.
2. Love Animals: They are Tasty.
3. Save Water: Drink Juices.
4. Study is Healthy: Leave it for the Sicks.
5. Books are Holy: Don't Touch Them.
6. No Noise in Class: You Disturb those Asleep.
7. Must Get Married: Happiness is not the Only Aim of Life.

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Truest Fact

Truest fact

When women love us,
They forgive us everything,
Even our crimes.
When they don't love us,
They blame us for everything.
Which we didn't do even. :-)

Today's Mantraaa

Today's Mantraaa

If you can't change the Girl...


Change the Girl. :-)

Conservation Of Knowledge

Law of Conservation Of Knowledge:
"No matter how long the lecture may be, the Knowledge before and after the lecture remains the same." :-)

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