Talent and Intelligence

Talent and Intelligence

What is talent and what is intelligence?
Walking on a tight rope over niagara falls is talent.
Not trying such a thing is called intelligence. :-)

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Aaj ka kaam kal per

Aaj ka kaam kal per chor do
Ho sakta ha kal tak us k liye kisi machine ka invention ho jaye.

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1. Money is not Everything: There are credit Cards too.
2. Love Animals: They are Tasty.
3. Save Water: Drink Juices.
4. Study is Healthy: Leave it for the Sicks.
5. Books are Holy: Don't Touch Them.
6. No Noise in Class: You Disturb those Asleep.
7. Must Get Married: Happiness is not the Only Aim of Life.

Truest Fact

Truest fact

When women love us,
They forgive us everything,
Even our crimes.
When they don't love us,
They blame us for everything.
Which we didn't do even. :-)

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