Sab se khaas ho tum

Sab se khaas ho tum

Rukti dhadkan ki saans ho tum,
Bujti nazro ki pyaas ho tum,
Tarasti zindgi ki aas ho tum,
Fir kaise na kahu ki sab se khaas ho tum...

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Just be there always

No matter what it takes I will always be in touch with you bcoz
Being in touch with U adds the spark to my life. Just be there always.

Dont hide up feelings

Dont hide up feelings for someone special...... bcoz 1 day wen u realize to express ur feelings 2 them dat special1 may be special to sumone else.

U R Really Special

1ce there ws an angel who wanted 2 change evrythn into smthng special
I saw angel changing u.
I said Oops! No
this 1 is already so special.

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