5000 in a train

5000 in a train,

54 in a bus,

16 in a van,

10 in a sumo,

4 in a car,

3 in a auto,

2 on a bike,


only ONE
in my heart......thats uuuuuuu

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U touched my life

U touched my life in a specialway. Much special than what I expected. Though I dont know how special I'm 2 U, But Ur always special 2 me.

Awake or asleep

Awake or asleep
I carry a dream of you
In some beautiful way
It reminds me
How much sweeter
My life is
You are part of it dear

I wrote on many stones

I wrote on many stones "I miss u" & throw them up high, hopping 1 fall on ur head to know how much its hurts when u miss some1 special.

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