Special to me

How long will you be special to me?
As long as the stars twinkle in the sky,
As long as angels are there up high,
Till the ocean run dry and till the day I die.

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My soul has been wandering

My soul has been wandering searching for the unkown to fullfill my emptyness until I met you.
You have created a hunge amount of happiness that was missing in my heart.

I want my eyes

I want my eyes to be your eyes so you could see how wonderful you are.
I want my heart to be your heart so you could feel how much you mean to me &
I want my ear to be your ear so you could hear me whisper "I love you." forever.


Whn tears comeout of ur eyes, reason
"u r sad"

When you smile, reason
"u r happy"

But when u receive a msg without any reason, it means

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