Suraj se achcha

Suraj se achcha tara koi nahi,
Jaisa ha rishta humaraa dusraa koi nahi
Chahe saari duniyaa me dhund lo,
Mere jaisa pyaraa,
Aur tere jaisa aawaraa aur koi nahi.

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If U sneeze once

If U sneeze once, Think I'm remembering u. If u sneeze twice, Think I want to Meet U.
If U sneeze thrice, Think I'm Missing u. 4th Time, Fool Take A Tablet.

Deeply in Love with you

When somebody who is deeply in Love with you tells that You are cute, beautiful & angelic I agree.
That's true Believe me I swear because love is definitely blind.

What is the difference

What is the difference between
A kiss a car and a monkey?
A kiss is so dear ?
A car is too dear and
A monkey is u dear

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