My eyes detected

My eyes detected and my heart reacted
Thousand were rejected & only u were selected.
Becoz I needed a monkey 4 an advertisement.

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Jab jab ghire badal

Jab jab ghire badal teri yad ayi
Jhoom k barsa sawan teri yad ayi
Bhiga may phir bhe teri yad ayi
Ab nahin raha jata

Open with love

Open with love!!
Hum apsay kuch kehna chahtay hy
Wahi bat jo dil ko chu jaye
Wahi pyar ke 3 lafz
The 3 golden words
Sudhar ja Sale

If I was a painter

If I was a painter, you would b my painting.
If I was an author, you would b my story.
If I was a poet, you would b my poem.
But unfortunately I am a cartoonist !

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