I am a killer

I am a killer... I kill people for money...... But because you are my friend, So I'll kill you for nothing!!

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In every 1 second

In every 1 second God remembers u.
In every 1 minute god blesses u.
In every 1 hour god cares u.
Becoz every day I pray to him,
Larka bewakoof hai thoda zayada dhyaan dena.

Who Is...

Who's hot.. Itz Yu,
Who's Charming.. Itz Yu,
Who's Sweetest.. Its Yu,
Who's Intelligent.. Itz Yu,
Who's my dear friend.. Itz Yu
Who's a liar.. Itz me

My eyes detected

My eyes detected and my heart reacted
Thousand were rejected & only u were selected.
Becoz I needed a monkey 4 an advertisement.

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