Agar karni thi bewafai

Agar karni thi bewafai

Agar karni thi bewafai,
To pahle bata dete.
Duniya badi haseen thi,
Hum kahin aur dil laga lete.

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Alll flowers

Alll flowers don't represent love bt rose did it.
Alll animals can't speak bt parrot spoke it.
Alll donkeys can't read bt u read it!

I am a killer

I am a killer... I kill people for money...... But because you are my friend, So I'll kill you for nothing!!

In every 1 second

In every 1 second God remembers u.
In every 1 minute god blesses u.
In every 1 hour god cares u.
Becoz every day I pray to him,
Larka bewakoof hai thoda zayada dhyaan dena.

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