Make a Girl to say I Love You

Make a Girl to say I Love You

Boy to girl .... I can make u say I Love You...
Girl : no wayyy !!
Boy : bet ??
Girl : yes ...
Boy : ok start ... say blue ?
Girl : blue
Boy : say pink ?
Girl : pink...
Boy : say love ?
Girl : love ...
Boy : whats 1+1 ?
Girl : 2
Boy : ur age ?
Girl : 18
Boy : hahaha... i tOld u i cud make u say 18!!
Girl : no, u said u cud make me say I LOVE U
Boy : yes i did :D :D :D !!!

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Best love TIP

Kabhi ye mat socho ki aapki girlfriend ne aapko kitna Romantic SMS bheja hai,
Hamesha ye socho ki wo SMS usko kisne bheja hoga???

Sometime love is for a moment

Sometime love is for a moment
n some time love is for life time.
But sometimes a moment with the one u love is enough to spend a life time.

Another Beautiful Life

Love is that ocean
In which if you drown,
You won't call for help
Its the suicide
You have committed
To begin another Beautiful life

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