Define a GIRL and Boy

Define a GIRL and Boy

Define a GIRL:

The 1 who before going out for a party puts on
eye shadow, eye liner, lip-gloss,
glitter, rouge, blush, kajal
Wears the best dress with heals,
accessories, & Still asks:
"over toh nai lag rha na"

Reply: "nai...sahi hai."

GIRL: "yar jaldi jaldi me kch kiya hi nai..
Socha simple hi rehne du.."
Define a BOY:

The 1 who b4 going to party calls his friend & asks:
"Bhai, tu nahaa k aayega kya!".

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How to Impress a Girl

Ways 2 Impress A Girl
Respect Her
Honour Her
Protect Her
Care 4 Her
Sacrifice 4 Her

How 2 Impress A Boy?
Just Smile


Oye Kanjro Koi Standard Banao Apna..:P:P:P

Law of Chhichhora Pan

Newton's "Law of Chhichhora Pan"
"Every chhichhora continues to do chhichhorpan unless a thappad or sandal with a velocity of 9.8m/s is impressed upon him by a girl. This force is called bezzati, which is directly proportional to sharmindagi, if ghairat remains constant".

1 ladki ke padhne se

Govt. kehti hai ki 1 ladki ke padhne se ghar mein 4 log educated hote hain
Us ladki ke college jaane se
40 ladke fail ho jaate hain uska kya???

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