Normal Person Test

Normal Person Test

You are a normal person in case of :

1> U got a facebook account

2> U got a mobile phone
4> U are wasting your time reading this

5> U didn't notice that there is no Number 3

7> u went to check if number 3 is there

8> Where is number 6 ?

9> U are now smiling :)

10> Where is number 1 ??

11> LOL u went to check number 1 :D

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Send some good jokes

Girl- Plz send me some good jokes.
Boy- Main padhai kar raha hu...

After 2 min.

Girl- Kya hua, send some more jokes.

2 eyes r best friends

2 eyes r best friends. both will blink together, move, cry, see n sleep together,
But if they see a girl only 1 will blink.
Moral - A girl can break any relation ! so be aware.

Lost alone on an island

A man lost alone on an island.
One day he decided to build a wood boat.
Suddenly a girl came there & the man use the wood 4 making bed.
Moral : A girl can change ur aim.

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