3 ways to catch a Tiger

3 ways to catch a Tiger

Allow the tiger to catch you and catch the tiger.

Chase the tiger until it becomes tired, then catch it.

Catch a cat and beat it until it accepts it's a tiger!!!

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The police are looking for

The police are looking for someone! They said he's a tall,strong and handsome man... You're ok but where should I hide???

Baap ko Rishwat

Police wala apne bache se: Beta tumhara result acha nahi aya aj se tumhara khelna T.V dekhna band.
Bacha: Ye 50 rupye pakro aur is bat ko yahi daba do.

Not on duty

A thief entered into home of a Police Inspector in night.
Wife: Get up, there is a thief in our home.
Police Inspector: Let me sleep, I am not on duty right now.

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