Logic Questions and Amazing Answers

Logic Questions and Amazing Answers

Logic Questions:

1) When will a horse have 6 legs?
2) Where does monday cum b4 Sunday?
3) Where do u find a lot of cities without single house?
4) How can u double ur money quickly?

Amazing Answers:

1) When sum1 rides on d horse.
2) In a dictionary.
3) In a map.
4) Show it in front of a mirror.

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More Dangerous than Mafia

Why are wives "more" dangerous than the Mafia? The mafia wants either your money or life...
The wives want both

Don't break heart

Don't break anybody's heart they have only one.
If u r angry break their bones they have 206 on them... :)

Teach us all the subjects

If a single teacher can't teach us all the subjects.
Then how could any one can expects a single student to learn all subjects?

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