Sit and Study

Sit and Study

the above stunts are performed by trained professionals under controlled environments. Plz.


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Good old days

Good old days

When I was a child,
My mom would send me down to the corner store with a 10.rs & I'd come back with
5kgs of potatoes,
2 loaves of bread,
3 packs of milk,
A pack of cheese,
A packet of tea,
& half dozen eggs.

You can't do that now. Too many damn....

Security cameras.

Logic Questions and Amazing Answers

Logic Questions:

1) When will a horse have 6 legs?
2) Where does monday cum b4 Sunday?
3) Where do u find a lot of cities without single house?
4) How can u double ur money quickly?

Amazing Answers:

1) When sum1 rides on d horse.
2) In a dictionary.
3) In a map.
4) Show it in front of a mirror.

More Dangerous than Mafia

Why are wives "more" dangerous than the Mafia? The mafia wants either your money or life...
The wives want both

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