Love Today

Luv started wid eyes
Grew wid gifts
Ended wid tears

Luv starts frm cellphone
Grows wid msgs
Ends wid
"The number ur calling is currently busy please try again later"

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Sit and Study

the above stunts are performed by trained professionals under controlled environments. Plz.


Good old days

Good old days

When I was a child,
My mom would send me down to the corner store with a & I'd come back with
5kgs of potatoes,
2 loaves of bread,
3 packs of milk,
A pack of cheese,
A packet of tea,
& half dozen eggs.

You can't do that now. Too many damn....

Security cameras.

Logic Questions and Amazing Answers

Logic Questions:

1) When will a horse have 6 legs?
2) Where does monday cum b4 Sunday?
3) Where do u find a lot of cities without single house?
4) How can u double ur money quickly?

Amazing Answers:

1) When sum1 rides on d horse.
2) In a dictionary.
3) In a map.
4) Show it in front of a mirror.

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