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SMS Jokes

This page displays various categories of SMS Jokes. Today SMS is a very common & good way to express our feelings. With the popularity of SMS, SMS Jokes are also becoming very popular. People send SMS Jokes to their friends to share a fun. SMS Jokes are special types of jokes which are small in length but had a great fun. We have a great collection of original and Funny SMS Jokes in the categories like Hindi Love SMS, Sexy SMS, Love SMS, Funny SMS, Adult Hindi SMS, Hindi SMS, Friendship SMS, Flirt SMS, Flirting Indian SMS. So enjoy it and send it to your friends either via email or using your mobile and make an impression on them.

Funny SMS
Love Today - Funny SMS

Luv started wid eyes
Grew wid gifts
Ended wid tears

Luv starts frm cellphone
Grows wid msgs
Ends wid
"The number ur calling is currently busy please try again later"

Hindi SMS
Tujh me Rab dikta Hai - Hindi SMS

Boy: "Tujh me Rab dikta Hai, Yara mai kya karu"
Girl:"Darsan kar, Dakshina de, Prasad la or Chala ja, Q ki tere piche or vi Bhakt khare hai".

Exam SMS
Silence of a friend - Exam SMS

Thousand words of a teacher do not hurt,


The silence of a friend in the
Examination hall brings tears into the eyes

Rajinikanth SMS
Remaking Titanic - Rajinikanth SMS

Rajinikanth is remaking Titanic with some changes ...
In d end he doesn't die but swims across the ocean with heroine in 1 hand and titanic in d other hand.

Hindi SMS
Meri Badnaseebi - Hindi SMS

Apni badnaseebi ka haal kis-kis ko batau. Girlfriend ka mobile recharge karane gaya tha aur recharge karne wala uska bhai nikla.

Funny SMS
Sit and Study - Funny SMS

the above stunts are performed by trained professionals under controlled environments. Plz.


Rajinikanth SMS
Rajnikanth got angry - Rajinikanth SMS

1 day Rajnikanth got angry on his sweeper boy..

He kicked him so hard that he went flyin in d sky wit his broom..

Today that boy is famous as "HARRY POTTER"

Encouraging SMS
I'm a cheater - Encouraging SMS

I'm a cheater.
But i don't cheat humanity.

I hate study.
But i luv technology.

I flirt wid flirters.
But i respect luvrs.

World cant change me.
But i can change d world.

I dont have books in hands.
But i have revolutionry ideas in mind.

I'm d rarest race on earth,
Meet me I'm a last bench student.

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