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Bengali SMS

Bengali SMS

Welcome to Bengali SMS section of this site. Here you will find various type of sms collected in bengali language like bengali love sms, sad bengali sms, funny bengali sms, romantic bengali sms, bengali wishes, bengali jokes. These Bengali SMS are specially collected for you so enjoy it. We hope you will love our collection and give your feedback by voting each bengali sms. If you have some bengali messages which are not here then please send it to us and we will show it. Don't forget to rate these bengali mobile text sms because your opinion it will help us improve the quality of our bengali messages collection. Check this page again for latest bengali sms messages because we keep on updating this page.
Bengali Language : Bengali or Bangla is an eastern Indo-Aryan language. It is native to the region of eastern South Asia known as Bengal, which comprises present day Bangladesh, the Indian state of West Bengal and parts of the Indian states of Tripura and Assam. It is written with the Bengali script. With nearly 230 million total speakers. Bengali is one of the most spoken languages (ranking sixth) in the world. Read more on WikipediA.

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Thala! Thala Thala! Thala
Thala! Thala! Kattadura namma poochipandiku message anappikite irukkan.
Kattaduraiku kattam sarilla namaku message anapparathe avanuku polapa pochi Eduda cella anappuda gud
morni, gud after, gud night messagea Thala namma cellula balance
illa ok next meet panren
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A Zulu girl got a new boyfriend A Zulu girl got a new boyfriend
A Zulu girl got a new boyfriend.
When the boyfriend put on a condom the girl phoned her mother and told her "NGEMPELA NGILITHOLILE ELISHA SHA ISOKA NGISHO NEPIPI YALO IMBALA ISESEPLASTIKINI"
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Aaj hote onek dure Aaj hote onek dure
Aaj hote onek dure, Ei smritir kothar pore.. Abcha hoe amai jadi abar mone pore, Ekbarti kanti pete sono amr dak, Bujhie bolo samaytake ektu thomke thke. Chilam ami,achi ami,thakbo nako pore.... Tai mone rekho 3ti katha ............. Tomay--Mone--Pore
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Tomar jonna Sokal Tomar jonna Sokal
Tomar jonna Sokal,
Dupur tomar jonna Sondha,
Tomar jonna sokol Gulap & Rojonigondha.
Tomar jonnae sob Sur tomar jonnae Chondo Noton Bochor boya anuk Onabil Anondo.
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Tur eccha golo ura bayrak Tur eccha golo ura bayrak
Tur eccha golo ura bayrak pakhna doti mala,
Dingoli tur jakna keta amni hasa khala,
Aoporno na thaka jano tur kuno shokh,
Ai kamonay bondo tuka Eid-Mubarak.
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February Amar Bhai ar February Amar Bhai ar
February Amar Bhai ar,
February Amar Maayer,
Eakusay February...
Ami ki Volita Pa...ri!!!
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