Hindi Jokes
Love or War - Hindi Jokes

HITLER said:
"War is better than love, because at the end of war you either live or die
At the end of love, U neither live nor die"

Marriage Jokes
Morning Conversation - Marriage Jokes

Husband gets ready to go for yoga. Wife wakes up

Husband : Honey are you coming along with me for yoga?
Wife : What do you want to say!! I am fat?
Husband : No problem, don't come if you don't feel like!
Wife : What do you mean?? Am i lazy??
Husband : Honey .. Why are you getting angry??
Wife : That means i fight with you all the time?
Husband : When did i say that?
Wife : So it means i am lying??
Husband : Okay fine i am not going!!
Wife : I understand everything, actually you didn't want to go!!

The husband decides to remain silent and goes off to bed!

Marriage Jokes
Wife's Pray - Marriage Jokes

Biwi ki pray: Hey bhagwan mere pati ko tarakki de, daulat de, car de, bangla de.
Mujhe tumse kuchh nahi chahiye. Tu sab kuchh mere pati ko de.

"Us se kaise lena hai yeh mera kaam hai"

Marriage Jokes
Kewal Naam Mein Hi Fark Hai - Marriage Jokes

Son: "Wife, biwi, patni, shrimati, aurat, ardhangini, gharwali in sab mein kya antar hai...?"

Father: "Beta, itna mat socho museebat ek naam anek..."

Office Jokes
Most Powerful Word - Office Jokes

The Most Powerful

Word Other

"I Love You"


"Salary Is Credited"

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