Bar Jokes

Bar Jokes

Bar Jokes or Drunken Jokes or Drunk Jokes or Alcohol Jokes are those jokes which are related to the place bar where people consume alcohol. Bar Jokes are funny presentation of a drunken person or a situation arises during or after drink. Bar jokes also concerned with the dringing habit of people. Bar jokes also covers funny stories created in the bars. These bar jokes may be a funny conversation between drunken people and bartenders or two drunked people. We have thousands of bar jokes for you, so enjoy these Jokes.

Bar Jokes
Sharabiyon Ke Sanskar
Sharabiyon Ke Sanskar

Daaru peene se pehle jo glass me ungli dubo kar do boond neeche giraayi jaati hai...
usse sharabiyon ke granth me sanskar kaha gaya hai.

Overloaded By Life
Overloaded By Life

If ever u feel overloaded by life, wife or work ....
Immediately go to the nearest "Biological Anxiety Relief" (BAR) center & place order for any 1 or more of the following Antidotes:

1. Wife Irritation Neutralizing Extract (WINE)
2. Refreshing Unique Medicine (RUM)
3. Bothersome Employer Elimination Rebooter (BEER)
4. Vaccino Officio Depression Killing Antigen (VODKA)
5. Wife High Infusing Suspicion Killing Energy Yeast (WHISKEY)

This is issued in public interest by Buddies for Eradication of Work Disease Association (BEWDA)

3 Friends at Bar
3 Friends at Bar

3 dost daaru peete rahe the..

Boy 1 - Bhai hum log bullet se Laddakh chalenge.

Boy 2 - Haan bhai chalenge.

Boy 3 - Lekin kaise chalenge apne paas to cycle bhi nahi hai?

Boy 1& 2 - Saale hamein pata tha tu
Daaru nahi pee raha hai khaali namkeen kha raha hai.

Daaru Ki Wajah Se
Daaru Ki Wajah Se

Daaru ki wajah se barbad sharabi ne kasam li aur ghar se daaru ki khaali bottles phenkne laga

Pehli bottle phekte huye bola.. Teri wajah se meri naukri gayi
Doosri bottle phekte huye bola.. Teri wajah se mera ghar bika
Seesri bottle phekte huye bola.. Teri wajah se meri biwi chali gayi
Chauthi bottle uthaai to woh bhari huyi nikli to bola
Tu side mein hoja pagli... tu to bekasoor hai

Jinn in The Bar
Jinn in The Bar

Ek baar ek jinn ek aadmi ke bhesh mein beer peene bar pahunch gaya
Usne 12 bottle beer pe daali.
Bartender yeh dekha kar bada hairan hua aur usne poochha
Arre bhai tere ko chadhti nahi hai kya
Is par Jinn bola "Abbe main JINN hoon"
Bartender bola: Yeh lo chadh gayi.

Angry Wife
Angry Wife

An angry wife was complaining about her husband spending all his free time in a bar, so one night he took her along with him.

"What'll you have?" he asked. "Oh, I don't know.
The same as you I suppose," she replied.

So, the husband ordered a couple of Jack Daniel's and threw his down in one shot.

His wife watched him, then took a sip from her glass and immediately spat it out.

"Yuck, that's TERRIBLE!" she spluttered. "I don't know how you can drink this stuff !"

"Well, there you go," cried the husband.
"And you think I'm out enjoying myself every night!"

Movie Names
Movie Names

If movies were made by drinkers, then the titles would be....

Soda Akbar

Rab Ne Pila di Thodi

Rum de basanti

Hum tight ho chuke sanam

Beer Zara

Bevde Zameen Par

Ek Tha Bagpiper

Talli six

Rum Maro Rum

Maine Drink Tujko Diya

Bewdy Rathore

Hickk Hick Hota Hai


Hum Tunn

Maine Neat Kyu Piya

Peg Liya To Chakna Kya

Ulti Kar Di Aapne


Pinewale Baatliyaa Le Jayenge..!


After drinking
After drinking

After drinking men talk unnecessarily...
Become emotional...
Drive badly
Stop thinking
Fight 4 nothing

"Alcohol contains female hormones!"

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